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Ciara Net Worth

Ciara Princess Harris, or simply Ciara, as she is also know, is a very popular American singer, actress, dancer and fashion model. Her first contract was signed with LaFace records, where she had her first album released – Goodies. The album sold more than three million copies only in the United States.

Ciara Net Worth - $17 Million

Birth Name - Ciara Princess Harris
Date of birth - October 25, 1985
Zodiac Sign - Scorpio
Birth Place - Austin, Texas, United States
Nationality - American
Height - 5′ 10″
Profession - Record producer, Music Video Director, Actor, Dancer, Singer, Fashion Model, Songwriter

A second album of Ciara – Evolution – appeared in stores in 2006, including three hits: “Promise”, “Get Up” and “Like a Boy”. Ever since her career began, Ciara has released several singles ranked among the first ten positions on Billboard. She received numerous awards, like MTV Music Video or BET Awards.

She was born in Texas, her parents being Jackie and Carlton Harris. As her father was serving in the American Army, being transferred from base to base, the entire family had to travel around the world. This is how Ciara ended up lived in Nevada, Arizona, California and New York, but also in Germany. As a matter of fact, in one of her interviews, Ciara said that she always hated saying goodbyes, but living in different places had been a really useful experience.

Ciara knew, since she was a kid, that there would be a lot of music in her life. As a teenager, she formed a band with two good friends and called it Hearsay. The group recorded a few demos, but this did not bring a single penny into Ciara’s pocket. As in many other cases, the teenagers ended up fighting over details and parting ways.

But Ciara could not give up and continued to build her career in the entertainment business. She even started to write songs for other debuting artists, like Fantasia Barino, her “Got Me Waiting” debut album including a song written by Ciara.

In 2002, she met her “music soul-mate”, the producer Jazze Pha, and, soon after this encounter, Ciara net worth started to grow. They worked together and recorded several demos, out of which “Looking at You”, “Pick Up the Phone”, “Thug Style” and the notable “1, 2 Step” appeared on the debut album of Ciara, Goodies, in 2004.

This album became instantly a commercial success, staying for more than seventy weeks on Billboard and being certified Platinum three times by the Recording Industries Association. Other albums followed, each one being a new success and adding to the fame and fortune of the young artist.

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