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Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump has a few big titles as an entrepreneur that has lead him to his big fortune and these titles include actor, real estate businessman, writer, investor, TV personality, film producer, TV producer, and American real estate developer. Since the late 60s, he has been quite a major figure in domestic and international real estate developing. Today, he is continuing to build his own business empire stronger and wealthier. Trump holds a degree in economics.

Donald Trump Net Worth - $8.7 Billion

Birth Name - Donald John Trump
Date of birth - June 14, 1946
Zodiac Sign - Gemini
Birth Place - Queens, New York City
Nationality - American
Height - 6' 2"
Profession - Real estate entrepreneur, TV Personality, Television producer, Politician, Film producer, Writer, Actor, Businessperson, Economist, Investor

Part of his hefty fortune includes some of Trump's valuable assets like Trump World Tower, Trump Resort Casinos, Trump licensed properties worldwide, two Emmy Awards for The Apprentice show that airs on TV.

Along with his smart money and property investments, the Donald Trump Net Worth equals to 8.7 billion American dollars. At one time it was known that he sued a journalist for 5 billion dollars. He has been featured in a few top magazines like Forbes. Currently Donald Trump lives in New York and is married with five children.

Along with his economic degree he has attended a university at University of Pennsylvania in the Bachelor of Arts and Science.

He proudly starred in The Apprentice TV show for 14 long years, but recently this year in 2015 Trump made his final announcement to quit the TV show. The main reason for his resigning of the show was about a few negative comments that he made about immigrants coming to the United States. Many people did not agree with his comments and thought them to be very rude. Was not America built by the help of immigrants?

Most people here today are ancestors of immigrants from all around the world like Africans, Italians, Sicilians, Vietnamese, Mexicans, etc. This is why the American people did not agree with the comments he made about the immigrants and the building of the wall along the Mexico/U.S. border. When these comment he made took place, the news spread the nation like wildfire all across the U.S. on radio and TV news stations and other media networks.

This wealthy man boasts about how really rich he is because he can. He also attacks the Obamacare plan for the poor Americans who cannot afford healthcare insurance and does not agree with it by telling it is big lie. Trump tells about his great love for America and believes the country is in serious trouble. Americans believe that if you love America, then you should love both the rich and the poor and the immigrants as well.

He claims to have built a great company and has been creating thousands of jobs for Americans, and he has, but many Americans will not tolerate rude comments about immigrants, jobs or no jobs. He has very little debt and is running for President of the United States.

Some American people believe he would be an embarrassment to our country, while some American believe he will make a good president by working to pull our country out of debt.

If you are a fan of Donald Trump then you may follow him on his social media site profiles that include Facebook and Twitter. He is really quite popular all over the web on news sites, journal sites, social media sites and more.

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