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Gaddafi Net Worth

Muammar Abu Meniar al-Gaddafi was born between 1940 and 1943 in Qasr Abu Hadi, Libya, and he died on 20th of October 2011 in Sirte, Libya. He was commonly called Colonel Gaddafi. He was a politician and Libyan revolutionary who ruled Libya as its only leader from 1969 to 2011.

Gaddafi Net Worth - $200 Billion

Birth Name - Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi
Date of birth - June 7, 1942
Zodiac Sign - Gemini
Birth Place - Qasr Abu Hadi
Nationality - Libyan
Height - 6' 0"
Profession - Revolutionary, Politician, Soldier, Military Officer

His father was a poor Bedouin nomad, who caused Gaddafi to live a modest life in a remote desert camp until he was nine years old, and then he left for school. While he was a student, he was inspired by Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s speeches and he quickly became a dedicated Arab nationalist. At school, he was involved in organizing students into study groups.

Muammar Gaddafi was commissioned into the Army (Libyan) in 1965, where he began laying down the groundwork for overthrowing the Libyan monarch who was considered a pawn of European nations. Gaddafi acted so quickly and in4 years, he was in control of the army, and he used a coup d’état to seize power effectively overthrowing King Idris. After assuming power, Muammar Gaddafi gave strong support to various terrorist groups and regimes. He believed that he was a pious Muslim and a revolutionary called upon by Allah the great to continue the work of Nasser.

Gaddafi’s unmatched wealth was built through his violent control over most of Libya’s natural resources (especially abundant oil). Because oil was in vast supply, Gaddafi did print money for over 40 years. By the time he died, he had enough money that he could distribute around $ 30,000 to each of the 6.6 million Libyan citizens. The controversial leader is said to have died with an estimated $ 200 billion net worth, spread all over the world.

When the Libyan conflict started, authorities are said to have found and seized an approximate of $ 65 billion of Gaddafi’s wealth that was hidden all over the world in bank accounts. European countries including Germany, England, Italy and France found billions that were quietly tucked in their banks. The most interesting thing is that the Obama Administration in the United States of America, also found about $ 40 billion hidden. Although Gaddafi has been dead for some time now, United Nations investigators and authorities are still waiting for countries to resolve what might have been masked by Gaddafi within their borders. Even thou he didn’t hide his bank accounts well, hidden gold worth billions of dollars is yet to be discovered in Libya.

This man’s wealth is tough to comprehend. You cannot compare his wealth to most of the wealthiest businesspeople and rulers of the world to date. If you have wealth of this magnitude, it will surely get into your head as was Gaddafi’s case. He considered himself a fashion icon and oftenly he would change his outfit multiple times in a day. Sometimes he could be spotted wearing everything that was made of gold and rocked quality Versace frames.

It is obvious that this colonel didn’t have his wardrobe as his only luxury. He used to spend his money anyhow, often without thinking. But then- who would? His never ending streams of money made him not to worry or consider running out.

His long list of assets included a luxurious mansion in London and a beautiful eight bedroomed house with amenities that only the rich can imagine. Other than having a: sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, suede-lined movie theatre, his house was fitted with a fully electric garbage store that lowers and raises trash bins into the ground. A steel plate that could fold and hide them discreetly was also fitted. He also owned a mansion in New Jersey equipped with a shooting range, tennis court and an enormous pool.

Other than real estate, Gaddafi owned a private Afriqiyah airline –Airbus A340, which is estimated to have cost him $150 million. Reporters claimed that the aircraft was fitted with silver leather bound armchairs, nightclub spotlights all over the interior including grey and blood-red carpets on the floor. Like his other belongings, the aircraft showcased his tremendous wealth and extravagant tastes. The most unfortunate thing was that he did not enjoy his aircraft as he would have wished because NATO imposed a no-flying zone over Libya. This, however, did not concern Gaddafi because he had cars that would take him anywhere.

His assets are like a tip of the iceberg because no one knows exactly how much or what the Gaddafi family owns worldwide. What is known for sure is that Muammar Gaddafi squeezed as much as he could from the Libyan citizens to support his ridiculous lavish lifestyle.

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