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Gary Busey Net Worth

Gary Busey is not a name we hear much anymore but in his “prime” he was one of the biggest names in Hollywood. The world could not get enough of William Gary Busey and he was appearing in films right and left because of his instant fame, fortune and charisma. Years later he would be a hot topic again but this time because of his infamy, drug problems and death defying motorcycle accident in 1988.

Gary Busey Net Worth - $0.5 Million

Birth Name - William Gary Busey
Date of birth - June 29, 1944
Zodiac Sign - Cancer
Birth Place - Goose Creek, Texas, U.S.
Nationality - American
Height - 6' 0"
Profession - Film Score Composer, Voice Actor

Gary Busey was born as William Gary Busey in the tiny town of Goose Creek Texas. His family would later move to Oklahoma and as a young adult Busey played College football in Pittsburg, Kansas. This is quite a feat for a young man in the 1970’s but Gary soon moved on from the world of sports to the world of music after an unfortunate accident which ruined his knee.

Gary began playing drums with the likes of Leon Russell and Kris Kristofferson and even Willie Nelson while still studying in college in the arts. His fame soon prompted him to drop out of college but not before a transfer to Oklahoma State University.

After a long pursuit of study his efforts were fruitless in earning his degree but his career was soon to shoot through the moon starring in a motion picture called “The Buddy Holly Story.” Gary’s first film was actually in 1971 and it was called “Angels as Hard as They Come” If his music career did not bring him notice into the world of film his acting ability soon shined in 1978 as Buddy Holly in the wonderful tribute to the rock star who inspired the famous hit “The Day the Music Died” by Don McClean.

These days Gary Busey is mainly glad to be alive. His fame these days comes from small roles and telling his harrowing story of survival of fame gone crazy on talk shows and prime time interviews. As a survivor of his own ride in the world of fame, fortune and his own brand of crazy country boy from the south, Gary still draws a decent crowd for his tales of acting in Hollywood in many box office hits in the 1970’s. His net worth has plummeted since the glory days gone by but he still maintains public domain and people love to hear his stories of the Hollywood royalty and partying with the best of the best in Hollywood’s who’s who list of stars in those days.

Gary soon shined after the popularity of his first appearing in films such as “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” even with home run hitters like the legendary Clint Eastwood and Beau Bridges he held his own “good ole boy persona which he still masters today. After starring with these infamous legends his acting took him to the top with his co-starring role alongside Kris Kristofferson in the ill-fated tale of fame gone wrong in “A Star is Born.”

This box office smash in 1976 as the road manager of the terrible singing of Kris Kristofferson could not stop his rise to fame.. Which drop kicked his net worth to the big boys and landed him the starring role in the “Buddy Holly Story” in 1978 which also landed him the academy award nomination for best actor.

The 1980’s were a huge hit for Gary Busey starting with “Barbarosa” but his popularty began to dwindle until his huge burst back from obscurity in “Lethal Weapon” as Mel Gibson’s biggest film rival as the evil villain that Gibson could not stop physically without a real fight. The 1990’s gave Gary a few good breaks such as “Point Break” and “Rookie of the Year” and comedies such as Black Sheep.

He even had a small role in 1997 in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and became the star people loved to spot in the Hollywood background for many years. He also appeared in “Rookie of the Year,” “The Firm,” and became a talk show sensation with appearances on David Letterman singing “Stay all Night” which also appeared on Saturday night live.

These days he still appears in many roles but he is most famous for the talk show circuit in which he talks about recovering from his near fatal motorcycle crash in 1988 and his addiction to cocaine. If this isn’t enough to warrant appearances he speaks of his dedication as a Christian which in Hollywood will bring you to the talk show stage quickly being seen as brave to confess love for Jesus Christ openly in Hollywood's liberal landscape.

His net worth is rumored to be closer to the million dollar range but on the books it is five hundred thousand. Hopefully with his emergence back into public life he will rise monetarily as he remains one of our favorite all-time legends who makes the world smile even on talk shows. Kudos to Gary Busey for his survival skills and a personality the world loves even today.

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