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Hillary Clinton Net Worth

Hillary Clinton was at one time the First Lady of the United States when Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States. Under President Obama, Hillary recently served as Secretary of State. She was also a leading democratic candidate for the presidential nomination of the 2008 election. Mrs. Clinton was also the First Lady of Arkansas when Bill was Democratic governor of Arkansas. For several major corporations, she is a member of the board of directors in which one of these major corporations was Walmart. Her sand her husband have one child who is Chelsea.

Hillary Clinton Net Worth - $45 Million

Birth Name - Hillary Diane Rodham
Date of birth - October 26, 1947
Zodiac Sign - Scorpio
Birth Place - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Nationality - American
Height - 5' 7"
Profession - Politician, Lawyer, Author, Diplomat, Spokesperson

The Hillary Clinton net worth is estimated to be at 45 million dollars. Many people believe that she is worth more than President Obama. She is considered to be the 12th wealthiest member of the United States Senate. At one time, she spoke about not having money and being broke after leaving The White House. Since leaving The White House, her and her husband Bill Clinton has earned a healthy sum of 100 million dollars. For every speech she made under Obama as Secretary of State, she was paid 200,000 dollars. She was also paid $8 million dollars in advance for her 2003 autobiography. She was a partner of The Rose Law Firm.

The Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families was co-founded by Mrs. Clinton. She graduated from Yale Law School in the year of 1973. She also majored in political science at Wellsley College. She is an adviser for the Children Defense Fund. Today, Hillary still remains a strong and very intelligent person who has a very bright political future. She was also the first American First Lady who has run for public office.

She is a smart investor with her money and some of her assets are found in Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative, World Marketplace Center SPE, LLC, and $10 million dollars from other political contributions and more. She also owns a huge estate that spans 17 acres with beautiful landscaped gardens. This estate is valued at more than 8 million dollars. She also owns a villa that has 8 bedrooms overlooking the Atlantic Ocean valued at over 20 million dollars.

She was a firm supporter of the Bush Administration on a few foreign policy issues. She has won more primaries than any other female candidate in the history of America. She is tough and intelligent and lost the nomination in 2008 by a narrow margin to Obama. You can see her popular all over the Internet and on social media sites as well as news channels on TV. She travels to many different countries around the world. Hillary played an important part State’s Kids Health Insurance Plan and the Foster-care Independence Act. She wanted to greatly reform the healthcare program, but Congress rejected it. Still there are many women as well as men in America who believe in her, especially for her hard work. Many people believe if she runs for president, she might make it.

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