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Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Drew Bieber' is one rich young man, in fact one of the richest of the celebrity world and considering his age, he is destined to be one of the richest. Justin is a well known pop singer that drives pre teenage girls crazy. He is also an actor as well as a songwriter. Justin is said to be worth an estimated 197 million dollars. This Canadian has certainly taken Hollywood and the music industry by storm.

Justin Bieber Net Worth - $197 Million

Birth Name - Justin Drew Bieber
Date of birth - March 1, 1994
Zodiac Sign - Pisces
Birth Place - London, Ontario, Canada
Nationality - Canadian
Height - 5' 9"
Profession - Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Author, Actor, Dancer

Justin Bieber got his start at a very young age. He was discovered on Youtube. There was a video of Justin singing and dancing. This video got the attention of Scooter Braun who has worked as his manage. This video was got Justin a record contract with the Raymond Braun Media Group as well as L.A Records. This young man caught the attention of music industry powerhouse L.A Ried who gave Justin his first major record deal.

Justin released his first album in the United States titled My World. This was not a bad start to his record career. This record went platinum. A couple of months later My World 2.2 was released and also earned platinum status in the United States. It also topped various record charts throughout the world.

Justin Bieber released his second studio album that was called Under The Mistletoe and this reached number one on various charts including Billboard. His third album called Believe also reached number one on the charts. This release total 15 million albums that Justin sold worldwide. He shows no signs of stopping of slowing down any time soon. The album sales as well as his touring earned Justin a large part of his fortune.

In addition to catching the attention of young girls Justin has also caught the attention of the music industry. He has won several awards for his music. Justin won Artist of the Year from both the American Music Awards in both 2010 and 2012. He was also nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best New Artist at the 53rd music Grammy Awards. Justin has millions of Twitter followers checking on his every move. The last count was he had over 40 million people that checked his Twitter and this number is growing by the day.

In addition to making music and making his money that way Justin used his good looks to make him some money in the fashion industry. Justin has well toned body and now that he is legal he can show it off. Justin had made a lot of money modeling underwear for Calvin Klein. He was featured in several high profile campaigns and received a lot of attention and a lot of money for these ads. He has also worked with companies such as Proactiv and OPI Collection to earn additional income.

Justin Bieber has definitely taken the world by storm. He is known for his bad boy behavior as well as his music. Something is working out well for Justin though. This young man has made hundreds of millions of dollars all before the age of 20. Justin shows no signs of stopping and if he keeps up with his music he has a long career and millions of dollars more ahead of him.

Justin Bieber Net Worth Data

Justin Bieber’s net worth is around $197 million. Our Justin Bieber net worth sum of money is based on investigating music sales, concerts, mention and off course YouTube revenue. We also added government tribute and prediction of investments.

Plenty of Bieber’s net worth emanate from concert round. This younger star has gained an estimated of $223 million from concerts. Astonishingly, the lowest Justin Bieber net worth share comes from sales of his own music and is about $16.4 million.

Justin Bieber net worth: $197 million
Justin Bieber net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth: 27% smaller
Justin Bieber net worth vs Miley Cyrus net worth: About the same
Justin Bieber net worth vs Selena Gomez net worth 4 times bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs Beyonce net worth: Half as big
Justin Bieber net worth vs LeBron James net worth: About the same
Justin Bieber net worth vs Kobe Bryant net worth 60% smaller
Justin Bieber net worth vs Bernie Sanders net worth: 373 times bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs Tom Brady net worth: 25% bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs Barack Obama net worth: 62 times bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth: 6 times bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs typical American household net worth: 2,898 times bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs Donald Trump net worth: 34 times smaller
Justin Bieber net worth vs Bill Gates net worth: 406 times smaller

Neighboring to other top stars, Justin net worth is rising fast up. Justin Bieber’s net worth is 1.7 times smaller than Taylor Swift’s net worth of $251 million, is 3 times bigger than Selena Gomez’s $45 million net worth. Beyonce’s net worth of $372 million is 2.5 times bigger than Justin. Bieber has 1.4 times less net worth than LeBron James and 2.2 times less net worth than Kobe Bryant.



Justin Bieber Net Worth From 2009

Justin Bieber’s net worth has increased to sky since 2009. The single anomaly comes from 2012’s tour of promoting Believe album, which flow a crazy $178 million dollars before taxation into the Justin Bieber money portfolio. The 2016 tour for Purpose, the fourth studio album, is ready to make Justin Bieber’s net worth explode once again.


Bieber’s assets are made to surpass the rivalry. As of 1/20/16, the adolescent pop-star has 3 hits on the Billboard top ten list. His popularity is huge, has 75.5Millions likes on Facebook, 57.8m followers on Instagram,75.3m followers on Twitter and counting, and he’s just about to touch the sky with one of the major concert tours in history.

To shape Justin Bieber’s worth, we looked in his album sales, concerts, YouTube revenue, goods, endorsements, tax and disbursements.

Justin Bieber net worth 2009


Justin Bieber net worth 2010


Justin Bieber net worth 2011


Justin Bieber net worth 2012


Justin Bieber net worth 2013


Justin Bieber net worth 2014


Justin Bieber net worth 2015


Justin Bieber net worth 2016


Justin Bieber Net Worth Origin

To understand Justin Bieber’s net worth, we are digging into all his income sources. The young celebrity has earned $223 million from his concerts. He also earned about $80 million from endorsements and $55 million from his YouTube views witch reach right now a total of 8 billion.

We count sales of every each album and single. We also count earnings from merchandise sales like hats, t-shirts, toothbrushes and charm bracelets. We figured a rate of 6% investment income pads out Justin Bieber’s net worth.

Reduction from the Justin Bieber net worth equation include taxes at Canada’s highest 44.6% rate and pays for agent fees, concert making and cost of his expensive living.

Justin Bieber Net Worth Sources


Justin Bieber Concert Tours




Justin Bieber YouTube Views


Album Sales


Singles Sales


Justin Bieber Merchandise


Investment Income (Estimated at 6%)


Total Justin Bieber Earnings


Justin Bieber Salary


Taxes (44.6% Canada tax rate)


Expenses (Est. 15% of earnings)


Justin Bieber Net Worth Total


Justin Bieber Net Worth From Concert Tours

Despite the fact that Bieber has accomplished only just 2 concert tours in his short career, they add a beautiful amount of $223 million to our young star net worth amount. My World tour in 2010 brings in $53.3 million at the worldwide box office. Not bad at all for a kid discovered on YouTube just a couple of months earlier. Since other notorious name singers follow an estimated 85% of concert earnings, Bieber’s takes from the tour about $45.3 million. Second tour named Believe blow up even more cash into our handsome young star, this tour bring him about $209.2 million dollars worldwide.

Concert Tours        
Tour Year Revenue Justin Bieber Percentage Justin Bieber Net Worth Earnings
My World Tour 2010 $53,300,000 85% $45,305,000
Believe Tour 2012 $209,200,000 85% $177,820,000
Purpose Tour 2016 N/A 85% N/A
Total       $223,125,000


Bieber’s income is ready to take one more a huge jump on the sky. Justin had already 17 songs in November 2015 and three of them are in top ten hits on January16. Purpose world tour has a huge expectation and is ready to become most popular concert tours in history. This tour alone could bring an amount of $300 million into the Justin Bieber revenue count.

Justin Bieber Net Worth from Music Sales

Paradoxically, the smallest part of our Justin Bieber net worth total is from his music sales. He has sold over 18 million albums and about 49 million singles. These cumulative have generated a net income of $300 million. However, this is common among celebrities even top superstars only get to keep a small income of their music sales. Bieber gets only about 6.6% from this. These music sales add another $13 million to Justin Bieber’s net worth and another $7 million from singles sale on various internet platforms such as ITunes.

Album Sales            
Album Year Unit Sales Album Cost Total Revenue Justin Bieber Percentage Justin Bieber Net Worth Earnings
My World (Justin Bieber's best-selling album) 2010 8,000,000 $10.99 $87,920,000 6.60% $5,802,720
Under the Mistletoe 2011 1,500,000 $10.99 $16,485,000 6.60% $1,088,010
Believe 2012 3,000,000 $10.99 $32,970,000 6.60% $2,176,020
Purpose (Newest Justin Bieber Album) 2015 3,000,000 $10.99 $32,970,000 6.60% $2,176,020
Never Say Never Remix 2011 1,000,000 $10.99 $10,990,000 6.60% $725,340
My World EP 2009 2,000,000 $10.99 $21,980,000 6.60% $1,450,680
Total Justin Bieber Album Sales   18,500,000   $203,315,000   $13,418,790
Singles Sales (Justin Bieber as lead artist)   55,000,000 $1.99 $109,450,000 6.60% $7,223,700
Singles Sales (Justin Bieber featured)   5,000,000 $1.99 $9,950,000 3.30% $328,350
Total:           $20,970,840

Justin Bieber Net Worth From YouTube Views

Views on YouTube bring another $33.6 million into Bieber net worth count. Is quite impressive, young celebrity has over 9 billion views on his YouTube channel. After a quick search on internet about how much Google pay for 1,000 YouTube views we find is around $7. If artist get 80% of that, he’s earned reach $70 million in YouTube revenue across his career.

  Views $ per 1,000 Views Revenue Justin Bieber % Justin Bieber Earnings
Justin Bieber YouTube Channel 9,017,192,702 $7.60 $68,530,665 85% $58,251,065

Justin Bieber Net Worth From Endorsements

Second biggest piece of pie of Justin Bieber worth comes from endorsements. This young pop-star has earned about $80 million in endorsements which include a reported $12 million deal with OPI nail polish brand. Young musician has another’s endorsement deals with many notorious brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, Best Buy, Proactiv and Macy’s. as long as we do not know exact endorsement numbers, it’s more to averaging at least $10 million a year, amount that comes in this celebrity net worth figures.

Justin Bieber Net Worth From Merchandise

Bieber has another huge source of income other than concerts, and song sales, endorsements or YouTube revenue. This source is a big time and is his merchandise.

Hats, t-shirts, charm bracelets and other products add tones of money to the Justin Bieber net worth bulk. More exactly, merchandise sales has bring to Bieber an estimated $45 million over his career.

Justin Bieber pillowcase made headlines on Amazon, they were sold for $7.49. In his merchandise portfolio we also find necklaces, winter hats, hoodies and yes, maybe you not believe, even Justin Bieber toilet paper.

Justin Bieber Net Worth From Investments

Justin Bieber, as well as many other celebrities, not discloses its investments. Even so, it has revenues of tens of millions per year, most likely, a good portion of them coming from investments. If we put on the table in returns of 6% per year, we can say that these investments have brought an income of $24 million, after taxes, reporting to his career.

Taxes and Expenses

A saying says that from death and the IRS you cannot escape. Neither our young star is no exception and must to pay about 44.6% of everything he earns in taxes. With an impressive income of $423 million, about $188 million go in taxes. Besides the tac payments, Bieber also must pay for his staff, agent fees, operating costs and of course his levish living style, which is sometimes extremely extravagant. If we make a calculation and estimating about 15% of income for expenses we see that it has paid bills of $63 million dollars.

Calculations of Justin Bieber Net Worth

We collected all amounts above and put them in the table below, where we will see the final Justin Bieber net worth. From total earnings we extract taxes and expenses and add investment income of 6% per year and result a final figure of $197 million.

Net Worth Data
Total Earnings
Taxes (44.6%)
Expenses (15%)
Investment Income (6% of net)
Justin Bieber Net Worth
2009 $25,389,052 $11,323,517 $3,808,358 $0 $10,257,177
2010 $75,046,092 $33,470,557 $11,256,914 $340,949 $40,916,747
2011 $25,751,722 $11,485,268 $3,862,758 $1,360,073 $52,680,516
2012 $203,934,392 $90,954,739 $30,590,159 $1,751,100 $136,821,110
2013 $23,938,372 $10,676,514 $3,590,756 $4,547,934 $151,040,147
2014 $23,938,372 $10,676,514 $3,590,756 $5,020,574 $165,731,824
2015 $26,114,392 $11,647,019 $3,917,159 $5,508,926 $181,790,964
2016 $22,859,508 $10,195,341 $3,428,926 $6,042,732 $197,068,937
Totals $426,971,905 $190,429,470 $64,045,786 $24,572,287  

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