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Russell Peters Net Worth

Born in Toronto, Canada to working class Anglo-Indian Parents, Russell Peters dared to deviate from a family tradition of having stable jobs and opted for stand up comedy and he is now the third richest comedian with an estimated net worth as of December 2014 of 40 million dollars.

Russell Peters Net Worth - $40 Million

Birth Name - Russell Dominic Peters
Date of birth - September 29, 1970
Zodiac Sign - Libra
Birth Place - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality - Canadian
Height - 5' 11"
Profession - Comedian and actor;

Russell Peters has actually been listed in the Forbes list of richest comedians for several years since his career took off in 2007. He has kept progressively climbing that list right from being in the tenth position to his current third position of richest comedians. Fellow comedian Chris Rock once joked that he is the most famous person nobody ever heard of and a friend of his, Lisa Lampanelli said she does not know why he is not known yet he owns 10 Bentleys.

Unlike most of his peers who have got both fame and fortune, Russell Peters has made more fortune than fame especially in America, but he has broken sales records outside of America selling out tickets for shows held in some of the biggest Arenas in the world, like the O2 in London. Being the funny man that he is, he has capitalised on his obscurity to make even more money with a tour that he named, “Almost Famous.” The show sold out.

It has not always been a smooth ride for the 45-year-old Comedian and actor. Russell peters started off performing as far back as 1989, doing small gigs here and there. He says it was in 1992 when he met comedian George Carlin who encouraged him to take up every opportunity to get up on stage and perform. Russell took up this advice and it eventually paid off in 2004 when he performed on the TV show “Comedy Now.” His performance was uploaded onto YouTube and it went viral, getting him noticed by a number of people outside of America and Canada who found his racial observations amusing.

The year 2007, however, is when Russell Peters really started making the big money in his life. He became the first comedian in Canadian history to sell out the Toronto Air Canada Centre, in just two days, he sold 30,000 tickets. He followed up that record 2 years later in London where he broke the UK comedy sales record selling 16,000 tickets, filling up the O2 Arena. The following year in 2010 he set another record in Australia when he sold over 13 thousand tickets to his show in Sydney. In Singapore, he set another record filling up the Singapore Indoor stadium in 2012. These are just the record breaking performances he has had, however, he has staged shows all around the world including: Iraq, Malaysia, South Africa, India, New Zealand Afghanistan, China, Vietnam, Sweden, Jamaica, the middle East and many more. All these shows have contributed to his immense wealth.

Russell Peters is also an actor and his most recent film was the 2014 “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever” where he plays, Santa Claus. He also played the role of a Miami Cop in The Chef which is also a 2014 movie. In total, between 1994 and 2014 he has landed roles in 18 different movies in Canada and the United States. One of his first movies was an Indian Movie.

To add to his Net worth, he has sold thousands of copies of his DVDs. In 2006, he made his debut album “Outsourced” which sold over 100 thousand copies in Canada and it remained on the Comedy DVD charts for more than a year. Russell Peters followed that up with “Red White and Brown” which he released in Canada in 2008 and then in the U.S the following year. He also has a book which is his Autobiography titled “Call me Russell”

Basically, the bulk of Russell Peters net worth is contributed by his tours. In 2013, he made 21 million dollars from his Almost Famous world tour, in Australia he made $2 million in just 2 days and in Singapore he made 1 million from two shows. With such shows, he is able to bag $21 million in salary annually and finance a life of luxury with a big house in Malibu, Las Vegas, Ontario and a collection of fancy cars which include a Porcher, Bentley, Range Rover, Audi, Lexus, Jaguar and a classic 1964 Impala convertible. These are definitely symbols of a man worth $40 Million.

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