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Selena Gomez Opens Up About Dating Zayn Malik

After conducting their search on October, MTV News landed on Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik as the 2015 homecoming king and queen respectively. Apparently, the queen could not afford to go without saying something about the King in some sort of way. In long sleeves and beautiful mixed patterns, Gomez features on the cover of Instyle UK Magazine that will issue on January 2016. To give her fans and those who love the magazine more reasons to buy it, Selena displays a little of her lovely leg.

In the magazine, Gomez talks about the challenges she has faced as far as dating is concerned. In fact, she goes ahead to explain how she feels self-conscious about her looks. At the age of 23, Selena looks like a 16 year old teen on the streets on New York. According to the talented artist, she does not feel comfortable with her appearance because she would want to date older guys. On the contrary, her ex -boyfriend Justin Bieber is only 21 years old. Zayn, the king is barely 22 years old making him older than c her ex lover. The Zayn, who is the former One Direction left everyone talking after he came up with his own mag cover.

When asked about what would happen between her and Zayn, Selena was neither shy nor reluctant to say how she feels about him. Gomez categorically said that if Zayn asked her for date, she would accept it gladly. What remains unclear is whether she meant it or not because she goes ahead to make it appear like a joke. Whether she is serious or not, that is among the best things you can hear from a charming, talented and wealthy woman like Gomez say about you. Many people have been wondering if she meant that she wants to date him. After saying this in August, Zayn did not take long to follow her on twitter. Most of her fans think that this looks “weird”. Some of them compared Zayn action as an over flirt move. If we ignored the Zayn-Gigi gossips, we would not be wrong to say that Gomez is out to have Zayn in her life.

Her greatest confidant Taylor Swift could not keep quite either. Taylor assures her that she did not make any mistake and how she can turn the situation into something great. She goes ahead to clarify the meaning of girl time to her and other women. As people think that they are in their underwear’s engaging in pillow fights because of relationships, they could be enjoying good music, eating their favorite dishes at some restaurant or hanging out with friends. If there is a relationship that we will not stop talking about, then it should be between Zayn and Gomez. Forget about Justin Bieber and all his sorts of drama and games. Despite everything we are going to say, dating Zayn will not be bad idea now that she seems” excited” about it. The next time if you come across Gomez shopping with Zayn, do not be surprised.

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