Adam Sandler Net Worth

It pays to be in the funny business. Actually it pays very well. Funny man Adam Sandler is laughing all the way to the bank. Thanks to his comedy, movies, and songs he has a net worth of around $420 million dollars. That is quite a lump sum. This funny man is able to get $20 million per movie. This does not include his songs, comedy, or other ways that he was able to build his empire.

Adam Sandler Net Worth – $420 Million

Birth Name – Adam Richard Sandler
Date of birth – September 9, 1966
Zodiac Sign – Virgo
Birth Place – Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Nationality – American
Height – 5′ 10″
Profession – Screenwriter, Television producer, Entrepreneur, Comedian, Film producer, Voice Actor, Songwriter

Adam Sandler first started off on the comedy show Saturday Night Live. He was able to showcase his talent and build a fan following. From there he went on to make movies. Not only does Sandler act in these movies he produces them as well. Many people may not know this but Sandler is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. He may not be the best looking but there is something about his comedy that people love.

In addition to his salary when making the movie Sandler is able to get some of the Gross profit from his films. For his movie Anger Management not only did Sandler receive $25 million to be in the film, he relieved another 25$% of the gross amount that this movie made. In this case it was an extra $37.5 million dollars. Not too bad for one film.

After leaving Saturday Night Live which many thought was a risky move Adam Sandler went on to be in around 30 major movie productions and he is still going. Some people say that Sandler is playing the same character over and over. He seems to play the lovable, funny, yet somewhat immature man child. This is the role that fans have come to know and love him in. This is not too bad for a boy from Brooklyn, New York.

Adam has more going for him then people would think. In addition to being funny he actually earned a Bachelor of Arts/ Science degree from New York University. He was even studying to become an opera singer. Adam has been in many movies but now he is trying something new. He is ready to make a film exclusively for Netflix. This movie will go straight to this service which will save money on advertising and production.

This will allow him to see an even bigger profit. In the past not all of his movies were big hits. The movie Grownups did not score will with critics or fans. The movie got a poor review. This did not affect Sandler’s payday. While he wished that the movie would have been a bigger hit with fans he was still able to make his $20 million for being in this movie. Not too bad even for a flop.

Adam Sandler net worth is one of the highest in the world. This comedian/actor/ singer knows how to make the big money. Thanks to his comedy and his loyal following of fans it does not seem like Adam Sandler will be out of the spotlight any time soon.

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