Akon Net Worth

Out of all the music industry stars, Akon seems to be one of those with the highest net worth. Akon net worth estimations reach somewhere around $80 million, and specialists expect this value to go as high as $100 million in a couple of years or so. In the end, it is not hard to see why he is worth so much money.

Akon Net Worth – $80MILLION

Birth Name – Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam
Date of birth – April 16, 1973
Zodiac Sign – Aries
Birth Place – St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Nationality – American
Height – 5′ 11″
Profession – Record producer, Television producer, Rapper, Actor, Music artist, Singer, Songwriter

He is not only a successful musician, but he has many other impressive, valuable skills as well. For instance, besides making quality hip hop music, Akon is also a talented songwriter, an experienced producer and an avid entrepreneur, as evidenced by the two music labels and the clothing line he founded, which were all very successful.

Akon has many musical accomplishments under his belt, so it is safe to say that his musical career generates a large part of his total net worth. For example, he has released 4 songs that have gone Platinum 3 times, 3 singles that have gone Platinum 2 times and a dozen of songs that have gone Platinum at least once. Also, it is worth mentioning that approximately 35 of his songs have reached the Billboard Hot 100, which is no easy feat.

It is important to keep in mind that another rather large chunk of profit comes from the way he successfully tackled the ringtone market. Many people have tried to do this, but few of them have managed to achieve the level of success Akon had on this market. It is estimated that Akon manages to sell more ringtones than any other record artist.

Now, all of these accomplishments were no simple walk in the park for Akon. He lived his childhood in South Africa and only came to the USA when he was 7. Adjusting to the new culture and environment was not easy for him and his brother, especially when their parents left them on their own to move away to Atlanta, Georgia.

Akon’s big break came when he met record producer Devyne Stephens, who offered him all sorts of useful advice about the industry and gave him a record deal. Later on, big-time music producers realized that Akon was going to be the next big thing when they first heard his hit song “Lonely”.

Akon’s first album was a financial success. The same goes for his second album, which even got him three Grammy Awards. It is understandable why everyone assumes that similar achievements will follow. 

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