Allen Iverson Net Worth

Allen Iverson is a professional basketball player. He retired from the NBA and that may not have been the best move on his part. Allen is currently worth a negative one million dollars. He is considered to be one of the best point guards of all time in the NBA and has even been an eleven time NBA all star.

Allen Iverson Net Worth – $1 Million

Birth Name – Allen Ezail Iverson
Date of birth – June 7, 1975
Zodiac Sign – Gemini
Birth Place – Hampton, Virginia
Nationality – American
Height – 6′ 0″
Profession – Rapper, Basketball player

Allen was recruited by the coach of Georgetown University while he was serving time in jail. He was locked up for his role in a bar fight and was looking at several years behind bars. Coach John Thompson asked the judge to release Allen into his custody so he could attend Georgetown and play basketball for this school. The judge agreed and that is how his career in basketball got started.

Allen never did get his college degree. He left the school early when he was based to play in the NBA. While for many people this would have been the career move a lifetime. He made several million dollars each year playing basketball. All was not well though. Allen was not able to mend his troubled ways or keep his mouth shut. He lost his basketball contact and no other team in the NBA wanted to deal with him despite his raw talent. Near the end of his career he played for the Turkish Basketball League as well as the Eurocup in order to keep the money coming in.

Allen does not basketball talent that is rare. During his career he was the top scorer four times and has the second higher record for points scored in a game. He is only behind Michael Jordan. It is not a question that Allen has the skill to be successful.

During his career in the NBA Allen brought home an estimated 155 million dollars. This amount does not include the money he made from endorsements and merchandising. He made an additional 30 to 40 million dollars from these deals. It is very hard to believe that he has no money. Those close to Allen say he spend all his money on his entourage of 50 people, homes, cars, jewelry, and living the good life without a care. Allen claims he has monthly expenses total over $360,000 and he is only bringing in around $62,000 a month. That is still more than what the average worker makes in a year. In order to make money Allen is looking to rejoin the NBA but currently no teams are open to his. He is also looking to international teams including teams from Turkey and Venezuela.

Most of the money that Allen Iverson has made is from playing basketball. He made several million dollars a year as an NBA player. He made additional money with video games, shoes, and custom jersey. He also got paid for public appearances. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Just because someone is valued at over 100 million dollars does not meat things cannot change. Foolish spending can have consequences but it is still hard to comprehend how this amount of money can be squandered away.

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