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Babyface Net Worth

The 10 time Grammy award winner, Kenneth Bryan Edmonds popularly known as Babyface in the music industry has an estimated net worth of $170 million. The multi-talented American singer, songwriter and record producer has earned all his money and possessions from his world class releases.

Babyface Net Worth - $170 million

Birth Name - Kenneth Brian Edmonds
Date of birth - April 10, 1959
Zodiac Sign - Aries
Birth Place - Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Nationality - American
Height - 5' 9"
Profession - Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer

The Indianapolis native began his music career in the 80’s. He performed with Bootsy Collins, whom he got his moniker Babyface. He also became the guitarist of the band Manchild. But in the late 80’s that’s when he started his magical writing and producing music for several music icons such as Paula Abdul, Sheena Easton, Bobby Brown and a lot more. His song writing and record producing made him today. Various award winning songs and albums became the number one hit and always included in different country’s top charts. Other famed artists he worked with were Whitney Houston, TLC, Usher and Toni Braxton. Topping charts after charts each year, Babyface founded LaFace Records. He also ventured into movie producing where among his films include Soul Food, Josie and the Pussycats. Indeed, Babyface has never run out of music innovations and creating world class artists.

His recent net worth amounted to $80 million from all his music ventures, sponsorships, endorsements, record producing and more. His annual income is estimated to at $9,411,765 while his different sponsorship and commercial endorsements amount to nearly $2.1 million.

Assets and Luxury Living

Aside from producing hit music, his earnings also is a result of his two recording labels which are Soda Pop Records and his lone film company Edmond Entertainment Group. His hardwork really paid off, resulting to millions of record sales and a consistent top grosser in films.

He may be living with lots of money from his accounts but this R&B singing sensation has also a soft side in his heart. He loves old school touch in everything he possess. Among his physical possessions is his 21,000 square feet luxurious L.A. mansion with 6 bedrooms, at least 10 bathtubs, a tennis court and a sound proof recording studio. It is estimated to be worth $35 million including all the furnishings. What’s amazing is that his prized Bosemdofer piano is believed to be amounting to $48,000 almost the same price of a luxury car Mercedes Benz. Further, he also brought home his love for music owning a massive recording studio which amounts to $100,000.

His love for music emulates his affection to his elegant and vintage vehicles. Owning several classic cars is his hobby including the 1996 Porche 911 Carrera Coupe that is $75,000 worth in cash. A vintage fanatic, he also sports a 1996 Mercedez Benz s600 Sedan with a mind boggling price of $145,000. Babyface also rides his 2001 Mercedez Benz with over $55,000 in price range. He is someone said to be living a luxury life going by the number of classic cars in his possession as well as his home.

Music Made a Living

His music collaborations with top performer Toni Braxton for the album Love, Marriage and Divorce earned him a whopping $230,000. That album sold almost 211,000 copies in the U.S. alone not including other countries. While his Platinum album Face2Face gained a lot of sales with a respected $265,000 in sales. His album of the collection of his greatest songs and writings believed to have capped a $105,000 for a Gold album. Additionally, his album Christmas with Babyface garnered another Gold record worth $100,000. Song after song and album after album, he never stopped recording wonderful music. His MTV Unplugged album meanwhile got almost $800,000 for two Gold album awards in the U.S. and Canada. While his double platinum music album The Day have gotten to a high of $2.275 million in sales. Other earnings include the $3.05 million record sales of the triple platinum album, For the cool in you and the double platinum album Tender Lover amounting to $3 million.

Only Downfall

His only pitfall was during his divorce with ex-wife Tracey Edwards. The celebrity divorce made it to the headlines and reported to be one of the most expensive celebrity divorces in history which cost him almost half of his net worth. However, his talent and skills in producing world class music and films made him to rebuild his net worth and become one of the richest celebrities in the world.

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