Bradley Cooper Net Worth

A Few Facts About His Short, Albeit Successful Career: Perhaps best known for his role as Phil Wenneck in the popular The Hangover Trilogy, Bradley Cooper is one of the rising starts in American cinematography. He is an actor as well as a producer and during his relatively short career in the film industry he managed to garner no more than 4 Academy Awards nominations as well as a Tony Award nomination for his role in the Elephant Man play revival. The Bradley Cooper net worth is about 100 million dollars, with most of this fortune being earned thanks to the immense success of the movie franchise The Hangover.

Bradley Cooper Net Worth – $100 Million

Birth Name – Bradley Charles Cooper
Date of birth – January 5, 1975
Zodiac Sign – Capricorn
Birth Place – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nationality – American
Height – 6′ 1″
Profession – Film producer, Actor

Bradley Cooper was born in 1975 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, he grew up in the smaller towns nearby of Rydal and Jenkintown. His mother was an employed at a local NBC affiliate while his father worked as a stock broker.

In 1993, Cooper graduated from the Germantown Academy and then studied for a year in the Villanova University only to move to Georgetown one year later. There, he attended the Georgetown University where he also earned his English BA with honors in 1997.

He also spent six months in France as an exchange student after becoming fluent in French. He also attended the New School’s Actors Studio Drama School where he got his MFA in late 2000. While attending classes there, he worked at the Morgans Hotel as a doorman.

He first got a minor role in 1999 as a guest in the popular TV show Sex and the City. He also presented the Globe Trekker travel show only to get his first acting role in the Wet Hot American Summer satirical drama. He also acted in the spy-action thriller series Alias before obtaining several important roles in movies such as “I want to marry Ryan Banks” and “Wedding Crashers”.

His real breakthrough was getting a role as Phil Wenneck in the immensely successful The Hangover Trilogy, only the first part grossing over 460 million dollars worldwide. Cooper also starred in the 2011 thriller Limitless while also playing in the follow-up Hangover 2. In 2013 he returned to his role of Phil in the third part of the Hangover series. In 2015 Cooper performed on the Broadway in the Elephant Man revival which got him nominated for the Tony Awards for Best Actor in Play.

Bradley Cooper’s net worth is still growing, and the actor is involved in several projects throughout this year that might get him nominated for a few other Academy Awards.

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