Charles Barkley Net Worth

Talent is money and should be exploited fully. There are quite a number of people who are gifted in sports. They perform wonderfully and become instant celebrities. Unfortunately, despite the good amount of money they make in their active careers, some retire and end up bankrupt. On the contrary, there are those who plan themselves properly and continue to maintain their net worth years after retirement. One perfect example is Charles Barkley. Have a look.

Charles Barkley Net Worth – $50 MILLION

Birth Name – Charles Wade Barkley
Date of birth – February 20, 1963
Zodiac Sign – Pisces
Birth Place – Leeds, Alabama, United States
Nationality – American
Height – 6′ 5″
Profession – Announcer, Author, Basketball player, Sports analyst, Spokesperson

Charles Barkley was born on 20th February 1963 in Leeds, Alabama in the USA. He is a retired American professional basketball player. Charles is arguably the most famous power forwards in the history of National Basketball Association (NBA). He goes by nick names ‘Chuck’, ‘Sir Charles and ‘The Round Mound Of Rebound’. According to internet sources, his estimated net worth is $ 50 million.

Charles Bakley earned his money while playing for different teams including Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns. He was selected with the 5th pick by Philadelphia 76ers in the first round. In Malone tutelage, Barkley averaged 14.0 points and 8.6 rebounds for every game and earned a berth on All Rookie Team.

In his second year at Philadelphia, Barkley became the leading rebounder of the team as well as number two scorer. He averaged 20 points and 12.8 rebounds per game.

In his entire career as a basket ball player, Barkley too part in 2 Olympics alongside the ‘Dream Team’ and managed to win several awards and accolades. He was named the most valuable player of the league and got the rare opportunity to appear in the list of top 50 greatest players of NBA in history. This also contributed to his net worth.

It is even said that the amount of money this exceptional basketball player earned during his active career before retirement is much more than his estimated net worth $ 50 million. Barkley managed to make an overwhelming $40.3 of income while playing for different clubs.

Besides basketball, just like other NBA players, he has also signed lucrative endorsements with different companies including Nike and Nokia. He made adverts for their them. This earned him a prodigious amount of money.

Barkley also participated in gambling activities and managed to win on several occasions. During his trip to Las Vegas, he won $700,000 from playing blackjack and betting on Indianapolis Colts to defeat Chicago bears in Super Bowl Xli.

Politically, he bought a house in Alabama to fulfill the residency requirements for a 2014 campaign for governor. This simply shows how wealthy Barkley is.

In the year 2000, Barkley as an author wrote foreword for sports illustrated columnist Rick Reilly’s book ‘The Life Of Reilly’. He also released another book entitled’ I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It’ in 2002. He obviously got some good money from their sales.

As a television analyst on a program called Inside NBA, he has continued to make some good earnings and many fans admire him for his good looks and a great sense of humor.

In conclusion, Charles Berkley is indeed a legendary player in the history of NBS. His amazing talent in basket ball has earned him a big fortune. He is just outstanding.

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