Chris Martin Net Worth

If you like good music, then you have probably heard of Coldplay and Chris Martin, the band’s lead singer. With the huge success he has enjoyed over the years, many people were left wandering what his total net worth is. Well, this is a pretty tricky question.

Chris Martin Net Worth – $90 MILLION

Birth Name – Christopher Anthony John Martin
Date of birth – 2 March 1977
Zodiac Sign – Pisces
Birth Place – Exeter, Devon, England
Nationality – British
Height – 6′ 1″
Profession – Record producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Film Score Composer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Actor, Pianist

Chris Martin Net Worth

Chris Martin net worth calculations are not an easy task, since he has many accomplishments under his belt. However, it is generally agreed that his overall net worth ranges between $90 million and $140 million.

It is important to keep in mind that Chris Martin is not only a very talented singer, but he is also an experienced record producer and an accomplished songwriter, since most of Coldplay’s songs have been written by him. He has recorded 5 studio albums with the band, and his talent has gotten the band 3 Grammy Awards. Of course, his career is not limited to Coldplay.

Chris takes pride in numerous collaborations with popular singers such as Jay-Z and Kanye West. All of these collaborations have increased not only his fame and recognition, but also his income.

But how did this successful music career start? Chris took an interest in the music scene during his student years at the University College London. While this was not his main goal at college, he decided to give it a shot and teamed up with Johnny Buckland. Martin was the singer, while Buckland was the guitarist. It was not long until two more members joined the band, namely Will Champion on the drums and Guy Berryman on the bass.

In 1996, the four started their band which they first named Pectoralz. Eventually, they decided to change the name to Coldplay because it just sounded better. This was evidently a smart choice, since the band received more recognition after the name change.

In 2003, Chris married Gwyneth Paltrow with whom he also has 2 kids. There are several songs in his repertoire written especially for her, the most popular being “Swallowed in the Sea” and “Fix You”. The sentimental value these songs hold for some of his fans has definitely helped boost his net worth over the years.

All in all, there is no doubt that Chris Martin’s overall net worth is just a mere illustration of his accomplishments – if it is a faithful one, it will keep growing, as more and more people fall in love with his music every day.

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