Daddy Yankee Net Worth

Daddy Yankee, a Latin hip-hop artist, is approximated to have a net worth of about 40 million dollars. Daddy Yankee’s real name is Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez. He derived his stage name from Puerto Rican slang. In Puerto Rican, a Yankee is a person who is tall or a big shot in a given field. Other names he uses include El Jefe, King Daddy, El Cangri and The big boss.

Daddy Yankee Net Worth – $40 MILLION

Birth Name – Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez [AKA – Winchester 30-30, El Cangri, El Jefe, The Big Boss, El Máximo Líder, King Daddy]
Date of birth – February 3, 1977
Zodiac Sign – Aquarius
Birth Place – San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality – Puerto Rican
Height – 5′ 7″
Profession – Record producer, Singer-Songwriter, Film Producer, Announcer, Rapper, Actor, Music Artist, Songwriter, Businessperson

He decided to pursue music after a stray bullet landed him in the hospital for almost a year. This ended any hopes he had of a carreer in professional baseball. Looking at the bright side, this is a moment that came to define his life. He ventured into music and is now a wealthy singer and actor. He is said to have been influenced by Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Nas, Big Daddy Kane and Sean Combs. Other people he mentioned as major influences on his music include Juan Luis Guerra, Ruben Blades and Hector Lavoe.

During his early stages while he was in Puerto rico, the rapper received a lot of lessons and tips from underground rap. This is where he came to record player 37. His very first album, No mercy, made him become known as a pioneer in the reggae town movement. In the year 2002, he got his international access after releasing El two years later, he received the Latin billboard and Premio Lo Nuestro award. Furthermore, he also got nomination for an MTV video award and Latin Grammy music awards.
Some of Daddy Yankeee’s best hits include the following songs:

• Gasolina
• Lo Que Paso Paso
• La Despedida
• Que Tecgo Que Hacer
• Pose
• Descontrol
• Ven Conmigo
• Limbo
• La Nueva Y La Ex
• Sabado Rebelde

In 2009, he received the Billboard’s spirit of hope award for humanitarian work with his established charity. This is the Corazo Guerrero fund that strives to improve quality of life and education for thousands of children in Puerto Rico. Around 2008, He starred in a film, Talento de Barrio, which later became the highest grossing Puerto Rican film. His music is not only popular in the Latin community. For instance, his 2004 hit (Gasolina) made top charts in Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Norway, UK, US and Ireland. This hit was rated #10in Billboard’s top 10 rap songs.

Here is a list of some of his achievements:

• He was named among the 100 most influential people in 2006 by Time magazine
• In 2007, The big boss was among the top selling albums in all Latin music categories. His album sold more than that of Juan Luis Guerra
• He has contributed on more than 70 albums
• He was the first Latin artist to sign a deal with Reebok to produce a number of accessories.
• He hosts on Fuego. This is a syndicated show from ABC radio networks
• He started to sing and rhyme at 13 years of age
• His Barrio Fino album sold more than one million copies in Puerto Rico alone
• He has his own sneaker line
• He co- owns a professional basket ball team called Caguas Creaoles
• He launched a campaign to equip schools with computers and other supplies

Aside from all these achievements in music, he has earned millions around the world from his high grossing movies. So far he has been in many movies. These include:

• Straight from Barrio
• Reggae ton invasion
• Vampiros
• And Daddy yankee just to mention a few

He has even contributed to developing video games such as grand theft auto and Tyrology
Some of the shows he has made appearance in include:

• Punk’d
• Cane
• Rock dinner
• Bad girls club
• The bold and the beautiful
• Combate Americas
• The man 2 hook up: celebrity edition
• La voz kids

Being a celebrity makes it hard to maintain a lot of things private. Daddy yankee however, has kept his personal life very private. He rarely speaks about his life in interviews. The only exception he made was in 2006 where he spoke about his relationship with his wife and kids. Just as many other celebrities, he came from a simple background but pursued his dreams and slowly made his way to the top. He is greatly admired for his endless efforts in charity and contribution to the people in Puerto Rico.

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