Dale Earnhardt Jr Net Worth

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was born Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. from a long line of serious successful race car driving family has earned his own fame and net worth apart from his lineage proving his own talent seriously shining through as the next in line for fame. Dale Earnhardt Jr. began early in the world of racing at age seventeen and raced with his father until his untimely horrific crash in the 2001 Daytona 500. His father Dale Earnhardt Sr. crashed in turn four of the ill-fated race and died of a skull fracture.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Net Worth – $300 MILLION

Birth Name – Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Date of birth – October 10, 1974
Zodiac Sign – Libra
Birth Place – Kannapolis, North Carolina, U.S.
Nationality – American
Height – 6′ 1″
Profession – Race Car Driver, Businessperson

Dale Earnhardt Jr. went on to place second in the race proving his talent as his father lay dying on the sidelines that day. Fellow racer Sterling Marlin was said to have made contact with the bumper of the car that Dale Earnhardt Sr. was driving but after serious investigation by the authorities was later cleared of wrongdoing. Dale Earnhardt Jr. showed that he has a very humble face and kind heart as he told fans not to blame anyone for the death of his father because no one was to blame for the crash.

The next week might have been a little too soon for the young namesake Dale Earnhardt Jr. at “Rockingham” placing him 43rd in a wreck that was almost exactly as his father’s the week before. His fateful wreck was in the first lap unlike his father’s fourth lap. Thankfully he survived and has come around to be one of the family with serious wins since this horrible time in his life. He started with the “Pepsi 400” which he won in glorious timing as the first race held at Daytona since his father’s untimely passing.

In 2002 he had another harrowing time as a race car driver on the road of fame with a concussion from the “Fontana” race. He had a very hard time this year with the next three races as 30th place. He pulled out of the nose dive that same season with races at Talladega eleventh place winnings and finishing the season with eleven places in the top five and a total of sixteen top ten finishes that year.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. came out of a 27 car crash in 2003 on lap four and crawled upwards with the win and a record breaking win as fourth consecutive win at Talladega. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has seen no lack of serious injury and crashes in his career with some of them being in practice cars his most serious was on a practice run for a race in which the car burst into flames giving him serious second and third degree burns on his upper body.

He had injuries to his neck, chin and legs said to be from not wearing his protective gear the balaclava with his helmet. The injuries may have kept him from finishing the next two races but have not kept him from going on to serious winning and racing. Fans love Dale Earnhardt Jr. almost as much as they did his father if not more for his endurance and talent as a race car driver.

Race car driving is unbelievably dangerous and competitive but Dale Earnhardt Jr. keeps on winning and rising as a star on his own merit since his father’s passing. He has had numerous multiple car crashes since these races and continues to steadily place with high numbers even now as he ages in the race car genre of life. He has gone on to having other things in life to put his talents in the limelight. He has appeared in several films and television showing off his talents for directors and appearing in “Talladega Nights” which was truly hilarious as he asks “Ricky Bobby” for his autograph.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has also showcased his voice on several animated projects and even video gaming being featured in “Scarface” “The World is Yours” and Pixar’s Disney movie “Cars” as number 8. Other business ventures have upped his net worth which is the sign of a great business talent as well as racing talent. He has a signature frame for Eyeglasses and he has two car dealerships as well showing off his love for cars owning a Chevrolet dealership and a Buick-GMC Cadillac dealership in Tallahassee, Florida.

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