Dave Grohl Net Worth

His Long Career As A Successful Musician: Best known for his role as a drummer in the influential grunge band Nirvana and the leader and songwriter of Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl is seen as one of the most popular rock musicians in the world. The Dave Grohl net worth is estimated to be around 320 million dollars, although it appears that money has not affected him in any way as he is seen as the gentlest and down to earth celebrity in the genre.

Dave Grohl Net Worth – $320 MILLION

Birth Name – David Eric Grohl [AKA: Davy Grolton, Dale Nixon]
Date of birth – January 14, 1969
Zodiac Sign – Capricorn
Birth Place – Warren, Ohio, United States
Nationality – American
Height – 6′ 0″
Profession – Record producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Television producer, Singer-songwriter, Film producer, Film director, Actor, Bassist, Songwriter, Drummer, Pianist, Television Director

Born David Eric Grohl in 1969 in Warren, Ohio, he was the son of a teacher and a news-writer. He is of German, Irish and Slovak ancestry. His family moved to Springfield, Virginia when he was young only to divorce later when Grohl was only seven.

Starting from the age of 12, Grohl picked up the guitar. However, he wasn’t satisfied with the formal lessons he was receiving and thus decided to learn on his own. A year after that, he went in Evanston, Illinois along with his sister to spend the summer there. It is then that Grohl was introduced to the punk scene, when his cousin took him to his first punk concert. There, he watched popular bands such as The Cubby Bear and the Naked Raygun after which he stated that his life permanently became bounded to the genre.

He cited his early influences gained due to his frequent visits to the 9:30 punk club in Washington, D.C., where he went for hundreds of times during the course of a few years. During high school, he started playing in a band, and soon after decided to learn to play the drums. His early and most powerful influence was John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, an influence which also caused him to tattoo his signature three circle on his arm.

When he was just 17, he auditioned for the band Scream, lying about his age. After Scream disbanded, he was introduced by a friend to Kurt Cobain, a meeting which ultimately led to Grohl being hired as a full-time drummer in the band. Nirvana would go on to make history and become one of the most influential rock grunge bands in the world.

After the death of Kurt Cobain and the disbanding of Nirvana, Grohl isolated himself and spent 6 years writing songs and recording all instrument tracks by himself. A few cassettes ended up in the hands of a manager who then signed Grohl in what was to become his most important project – the rock band Foo Figthers. Grohl also played with a variety of musicians such as David Bowie, Garbage, The Prodigy, Iggy Pop and others.

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