Eddie Murphy Net Worth

If you are love watching films, you may have come across a prominent figure staring in some of them. I am talking about Eddie Murphy, a famous actor and standup comedian of all times. But have you ever taken interest in knowing how much this eminent actor is worth? Let’s find out.

Eddie Murphy Net Worth – $200 MILLION

Birth Name – Edward Regan Murphy
Date of birth – April 3, 1961
Zodiac Sign – Aries
Birth Place – Brooklyn, New York, U.S
Nationality – American
Height – 5′ 9″
Profession – Actor, Screenwriter, Stand-up Comedian, Television Producer, Film Producer, Voice Actor, Film Director, Singer

Born on 3rd April 1961 in Brooklyn, New York in the US, Edward Regan famously referred to as Eddie Murphy is an actor, singer, comedian and a director. He is arguably one of the highest paid actors in the United States. According to Celebrity Net Worth website, this multi-talented personality is has net worth of $200 million. We take a keen look what has contributed to his amazing net worth


As a Voice actor, he participated various film productions such as The PJs, Donkey in DreamWorks’s Shreak Series and Chinese Dragon in Mushu in Disney’s Mulan,Coming To America, Nutty Professor among others .

Murphy continued to register huge success in most of the films he featured. For instance, in 2014, films that he featured grossed over 3.8 billion in US and Canada Box Office and an overwhelming $6.6 billion in the entire world.

As an actor, his major breakthrough was when he released a famous film entitle 48 hours with Nick Nolte. This massive hit was released in December 1982.In his other movies like Trading Places where he collaborated with Dan Aykroyd under John Kandis as the director, was even a much bigger success than 48 Hrs in terms of box office. This generated some good cash for him.

Eddie Murphy later to signed a contract with Paramount Pictures which rivaled that of Star Trek as Paramount’s most lucrative franchise, all to his financial advantage.

In one of the renown movies he starred, Beverly Hill Scope II, directed by Tony Scott, it performed tremendously thus grossing over $ 300 million in the whole world.

Eddie Murphy sterling success in the film industry saw him sign an exclusive contract worth huge amount of money with Paramount pictures. The company produced most of his movies.

Eddie Murphy’s sales in film began to perform moderately when he started staring in adult audience movies. Metro, I Spy and Show Time all grossed less than $ 40 million in domestic market. Holy Man grossed less than $13 million and Adventures of Pluto Nash made only $ 7 million worldwide on $ 110 million budget. However, the Bowfinger comedy was success thus grossing $98 million at the box office.


As a standup comedian, Eddie released two splendid Standup Specials that performed well in US. These were Eddy Murphy and Delirious in released in 1982 and 1983 respectively. His 1987 Concert film Eddy Murphy Raw, received an enormous theatrical release thus grossing $ 50 million.

Eddie Murphy was once ranked at position 10 on the Comedy Central List of 100 Greatest Stand Ups Of All Time. As a standup Comedian, he received numerous prestigious awards that immensely contributed towards his net worth. He won the Golden globe For Best Supporting Actor in 2007.

He stared in his own action comedy film called Beverly Hills Cop which grossed over $230 million dollars at the box office. By 2012, the film was ranked 41st in the US list of all time total box office grosser, the 4th highest among ‘R’ rated films.

In 2015, Eddy Murphy won the The Mark Twaine Prize for American Humor award by J.F Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts.


As a singer, he has been involved in backing up vocals for some artists including The Bus Boys. He produced two singles in his name, Party All the Time and Put Your Mouth On Me in mid 1980s.They both did quite well.

In early 1990, he recorded Love Is Alright album that was a success thus prompting him into doing more music projects. He too performed in music video of the single ‘Whatzupwitu’ featuring the pop music legend Michael Jackson. He also recorded a song with a legendary raga musician Shaba Ranks, ‘I Was A King’


He has donated good amount of cash to many organizations and foundations mainly to help those in need. He has been involved in AID support, cancer, education e.tc. He also donated to Martin Luther King Junior Centre and $ 100,000 to Screen Actors’ Guild strike relief fund.

In conclusion, indeed Eddie Murphy is a rich man. Most of his wealth was acquired through his acting and as a standup comedian.. He is no doubt one of the most successful actors in the history of the United States.

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