Eddie Van Halen Net Worth

Edward Lodewijk Van Halen, better known as Eddie Van Halen, is a Dutch-American musician, music producer, and songwriter. Eddie Van Halen Net Worth is $100 million. Van Halen is most recognized as the lead guitarist, songwriter, occasional keyboardist, and co-founder of the rock band, Van Halen, from which most of his net worth has accrued. He is also best known as one of the world’s greatest guitarists, as well as, being one of the most influential guitarists in the history of music. Van Halen is a classically trained pianist and a virtuoso guitarist.

Eddie Van Halen Net Worth – $100 MILLION

Birth Name – Edward Lodewijk van Halen
Date of birth – January 26, 1955
Zodiac Sign – Aquarius
Birth Place – Nijmegen, Netherlands
Nationality – Dutch; American
Height – 5′ 8″
Profession – Record producer, Author, Keyboard Player, Bassist, Music Arranger, Songwriter, Drum

He was born in Nijmegen, Netherlands on January 26, 1955, but his family would move to Pasadena, California, when he was seven years old. He originally played the drums and his brother played guitar, but they switched when Eddie heard Alex play the drum solo in “Wipe Out” by The Safaris.

In 2007, Fender released a limited run of 300 replica guitars of his Frankenstrat guitar, under the EVH brand; the production of which was overseen by Eddie very closely and the guitars were made to Eddie’s exact specifications. These guitars were priced at $25,000, and were in high demand. After a Van Halen tour in 2008, a line of EVH Wolfgang guitars was released, and then in 2010, the EVH Wolfgang Special was released. As well as some guitar accessories, merchandise, and an amplifier series. He would later partner with Charvel guitars to sell guitars that Eddie patterned and painted himself, the line was called “EVH Art Series Guitars”. These guitars were more replicas of his “Frankenstrat” guitar.

Van Halen is a very successful band that formed in 1972, when they were still calling themselves “Mammoth”, but changed their name upon a suggestion by singer David Lee Roth when he joined the band. Originally, vocal duties were handled by Eddie during a time when they could not find a vocalist. They received a recording contract in 1977 and their first album was released in 1978 on the Warner Brothers label. Eddie is one of two members of Van Halen to appear on every album; the other is his older brother Alex.

The band has sold 96.5 million albums worldwide. They have the most Number One Hits on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart, and they are the 19th best selling band of all time. They are one of five bands to have two albums sell at least 10 million copies. The band is largely successful when touring as well. Three of their tours have grossed a total of $186.6 million. “The Summer 2004” tour grossed $55 million, the 2006-2008 reunion tour grossed $93 million, and the band’s earnings in 2011-2012 were $38.6 million.

Van Halen has also appearing as a guest musician on other people’s songs, the most famously is the guitar solo he played on “Beat It” by Michael Jackson that he recorded for free in exchange for receiving credit on the album. Van Halen also played on songs by Dweezil Zappa, Thomas Dolby, Roger Waters, and Sammy Hagar. He has also appeared on many soundtracks. These include: “Back to the Future”, “Sacred Sin”, “Lethal Weapon 4”, “The Wild Life”, and “Over the Top”.

Van Halen is also a patent holder and inventor. He has invented three devices that contribute to the advancement to guitar playing and new techniques. One will quickly change the tuning of the low E string by a whole step, this device is called “D-Tuna”. Another will allow the guitarist to fret or play the guitar upwards instead of forward, and the third is for the peghead of the headstock design for the EVH Wolfgang line of guitars he had with Peavey.

Van Halen was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Eddie received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his guitar work; his star is next to Jimi Hendrix and Slash. The band also received a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance With Vocal for “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” in 1992. He also received an award for being a guitar God from Spike TV.

He also was married for twenty-six years to Valerie Bertenelli, the two have a son together named Wolfgang Van Halen.

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