Elijah Wood Net Worth

Elijah Wood is a very talented and inspiring American actor born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He began a successful modeling career and did local commercials when he was very young. He began his acting first in school plays like the Wizard of Oz. The school plays helped him to learn about acting and contributed to him taking his acting career to the higher level. In 1988 he landed his role in the video for Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl. This video was made in Los Angeles at the same time his family moved from Iowa there. Right after this he made his first film debut. Before age nine, he was a well established young actor. His parents moved from Iowa to Las Angeles to give their children a promising future in film because this city was known for young actors becoming stars during that time. Let us take a look at how Elijah Wood earned his net worth.

Elijah Wood Net Worth – $20 MILLION

Birth Name – Elijah Wood
Date of birth – January 28, 1981
Zodiac Sign – Aquarius
Birth Place – Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.
Nationality – American
Height – 5′ 6″
Profession – Actor, Film Producer and DJ

Elijah’s titles that lead him to his fortune are actor, film producer, and voice actor. He is popular on social media sites today and these sites include Facebook, Twitter, Freebase, Wiki, and more. Fans sand friends may visit these social media profiles of Elijah to get up to date news and see recent posts and photos of the actor.

Elijah Wood’s net worth that includes assets is at 20 million dollars. It was his acting roles that contributed to much of this figure million evolution. Throughout his exciting acting career, he received a lot of nominations for the Young Actor Award. He has also been involved in music since his early years and was a member of a choir. He is among the very gifted actors in the world. He began piano lessons at early age as well.


Elijah has English, German, Danish and Austrian roots and he was raised in a Catholic household with two other siblings.


Some of his star roles in movies were for Radio Flyer, Lord of the Rings, Green Street, Sin City, Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two, and Wilfred. Elijah owns his own record label and it is Simian Records. It was the Hobbit productions that made him known internationally for his acting roles and talent.


By the end of the 90’s this actor had become very wealthy. Some or his fine and expensive assets that he very well deserved include:

A Santa Monica home – He put this home up for sale in 2011 and asked a price of 1.85 million dollars. It is a beautiful Spanish styled home that was built in 1924. It was a 2,130 square feet home with three bedrooms. He placed this elegant home up for sale because of his busy schedule acting and he was not in the area to live or enjoy the home.

2 cars that include an Audi A4 and a fancy black Mini Cooper. People often see him sporting around in the Mini Cooper.

Elijah also has a few endorsements.

Support for Organizations

Elijah kindly supports a few organizations in which he donates and they include Keep a Child Alive, Make a Film Foundation, The Art of Elysium, and DNA 11 Charity. Keep A Child Alive is a well known non-profit organization that provides life saving treatments to children who suffer from HIV. All of these organizations offer help to children in which he firmly supports.

Favorite Fashion Brands

Some of this actor’s favorite brands are Timberland, Oliver Peoples Barrie Frames, Elvis Presley, and Converse. These are popular brands that are recognized nationwide and some internationally.

Elijah Wood definitely deserves his millions in fortune because of his hard work in the film industry since a young age and many friends and fans certainly agree. He has earned every penny. It has been rated at 4 1/2 stars online that he definitely deserves his 20 million fortune. When fans were asked if they would date him, this was rated at 4 stars. Elijah remains single today.

The Latest News

Elijah has recently been talking about taking on The Last Witch Hunter which just opened up this October. This is his newest film in which he is really excited about. This is an action adventure movie.

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