Ellen Degeneres Net Worth

When it comes to Ellen DeGeneres, net worth stats don’t even begin to describe the remarkable achievements of this amazing comedian. After an early, less successful beginning as an actress, Ellen went on to become a highly popular TV personality with her own talk show, an amazing reputation and an annual salary of right around $70 million.

Ellen Degeneres Net Worth – $330 MILLION

Birth Name – Ellen Lee DeGeneres
Date of birth – January 26, 1958
Zodiac Sign – Aquarius
Birth Place – Metairie, Louisiana, U.S.
Nationality – American
Height – 5′ 7″
Profession – Screenwriter, Television producer, Comedian, Film producer, Voice Actor, Television presenter

Ellen Degeneres Net Worth

What Makes Ellen Really Special?: Married to actress Portia DeRossi, owning an unconventional talk show for which she is paid about 100 times more than a successful lawyer or dentist, and with a net worth that can rival that of the most famous musicians, actors and sportsmen, Ellen DeGeneres is definitely not your usual talk show host.

With a net worth of no less than $330 million, she has become a role model for American success stories, having made her way up from working as a waitress during her earlier life, and then moonlighting through New Orleans clubs, before being able to launch her career in showbiz.

In due time, Ellen became recognized as a worthy talent, and cast into her own show as its main character. Later on, her amazing comedic talent and unique, witty and adorable humor have landed her a dream job as the host of her own talk show, where she constantly invites (and plays pranks on) other celebrities.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Not everyone knows the fact that Ellen’s first show was actually a sitcom named “Ellen” that aired 109 episodes on ABC, leading young Ellen to stardom, as her character came out as a lesbian, shocking the nation in the process.

All this happened in 1997, and while Ellen only became known for her more pronounced talent of running a funny talk show 6 years later, she did manage to become famous even as an actress, and like her character, she came out as a lesbian as well, as part of an even greater shock – on the Oprah Winfrey show.

After 11 seasons and more than 1800 episodes, the Ellen DeGeneres show, Ellen’s signature talk show where she invites celebrities from throughout the world, has won no less than 33 daytime Emmys and averages about four million viewers per day.

These are just some of the numbers that define Ellen DeGeneres, net worth aside, and it’s enough just to watch her show to realize that her $70 million salary might not even do her justice.

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