Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather is a very successful American boxing champion who gets paid about one hundred million dollars per night. Some his professional titles that help him with his chunky salary include professional boxer, athlete, and actor. He is an African American. He is known by a few other names by fans and friends. Some other names he is recognized by are Pretty Boy and Floyd Joy Sinclair. This well known boxing champion was born in Michigan. This champion has won six boxing championships. His boxing fightsa are televised all over the world.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth – $450 MILLION

Birth Name – Floyd Joy Sinclair [AKA: Pretty Boy, Money, TBE (The Best Ever)]
Date of birth – February 24, 1977
Zodiac Sign – Pisces
Birth Place – Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.
Nationality – American
Height – 5′ 8″
Profession – Professional Boxer, Actor

He works really hard by defeating his competitors for his money by boxing and the Floyd Mayweather Net Worth equals to a superb 450 million dollars. Not bad for a boxing champion. He has no losses and 48 wins to his name. Today, Floyd is considered to be the highest paid athlete in the whole world. He has a few endorsement deals which could lead him to gaining 80 million dollars more. In one year alone, he earned about 150 million dollars. Now that is a hefty stash of cash. All together his total career earnings have gained him about 695 million dollars. He has set a record for the highest purse in the history of boxing.

Floyd tells about how he spends about 4000 dollars a day just on food. Must be some kind of delicious. He at one time signed a contract using a 4000 dollar 18 k gold ink pen. He has so much money that some fans call him Money Mayweather. The pen he used is called the Peerless 125 made by Cross. The gold pen made an important part of history when he used it for signing a boxing contract. He pays a professional Los Vegas Chef 184,000 dollars to cook his food. He tells about how the chef’s dishes are worth paying that much. You can see a picture of him in bed surrounded by all of his green on Inquisitr online.

Floyd is not too financially stable because he owes the IRS 1.6 million dollars in back taxes. A Florida real estate developer has sued him because he changed his mind from purchasing an 8.5 million dollar home. He owed the developer 1.7 million dollars for the first installment. He has more than enough money to pay an accountant or bookkeeper to him out and he should in order to protect his assets. A thief stole 7.1 million dollars worth of jewelry from his home. Where was the security monitoring system? Where was the guard? JP Morgan sued him for not paying his Mercedes. He made a loan to pay for the car. He has not paid on the car for over one year and his payments are 9000 dollars per month.

Floyd has been featured in Forbes magazine. He currently lives in Los Vegas. He is a single man, but has 4 children. He has made a few agreements with Burger king and Fsn Duel. In the year 2013, he signed a six-fight deal with Showtime and he planned to retire.

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