James Patterson Net Worth

Considered to be one of the most successful authors of all time, James Patterson, net worth $800million (as of 2015), is without a doubt the richest novel writer in the world right now, as well as one of the top 100 people with the highest net worth.

James Patterson Net Worth – $800MILLION

Birth Name – James Brendan Patterson
Date of birth – March 22, 1947
Zodiac Sign – Aries
Birth Place – Newburgh, New York, US
Nationality – American
Height – unknown
Profession – Television producer, Film producer, Novelist, Advertising Executive

Known for novels such as Maximum Ride, Women’s Murderer Club and Daniel X, he managed to sell in excess of 300 million copies of his books worldwide, also making him one of the most popular writers you will find.

Who Is James Patterson?: James Patterson is a romance novel writer who became famous for his first novel written in 1976 – The Thomas Barryman Number – and hasn’t stopped since.

Regularly coming up with bestselling stories that his readers are ecstatic about, he managed to achieve a level of recognition that very few other writers have reached, many of whom are jealous enough of his success to criticize him for his writing.

While some criticism may be reflecting of real “faults” in Patterson’s style or writing approach, his many fans certainly enjoy his work to a great extent. He is, therefore, among the very few highly successful authors who are also extremely rich.

How Did He Get so Rich?: That’s actually a very good question, and to answer it, we have to look at Patterson’s remarkable ability of coming up with new books on a constant basis. With the help of various co-authors, he is actually capable of coming up with 16 books per year, and series like Alex Cross and Michael Bennett have attracted so many fans that Patterson has basically become like a real life rock star of the writing world.

Of course, Patterson isn’t all about money and churning out books as fast as possible. Also interested in issues like child literacy, he announced quite recently that he’d start a children’s book imprint that would publish anything between 8-12 children’s books per year, and he even donated more than $2.5 million to various schools and as grants for children’s bookstores, aiming to help improve American literacy levels.

It often pays off to be as rich as James Patterson when you’re a world famous author, and without a doubt, he is one author who is capable of reaching his goals and exceeding his boundaries. He is not only a rich and famous writer, but also one of the most loved.

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