Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth

For those who do not know, Jeremy Clarkson is a famous, controversial, yet popular TV presenter, talk show host, broadcaster, columnist, writer, screenwriter who made a fortune after a very inspired deal with Amazon.

Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth – $47 MILLION

Birth Name – Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson
Date of birth – 11 April 1960
Zodiac Sign – Aries
Birth Place – Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Nationality – British
Height – 6′ 5″
Profession – Journalist, Screenwriter, Television producer, Columnist, Author, Television presenter, Talk show host, Actor, Peddler, Motorist

Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth

Today, the Jeremy Clarkson net worth is, according to some sources, around $47 million (his holdings being estimated at 30 million pounds), yet the exact figure is hard to know, given that Jeremy has never made it public. His wealth seems set to skyrocket even more, considering the recent deal he signed for another TV show on Prime Instant Video (Amazon).

How did Jeremy Clarkson grow so rich?: Clarkson did an impressive move to start with back in 2002 when he agreed to host BBC’s show Top Gear – on the verge of being canceled at the time – which he virtually turned into one of the most popular TV shows in the world. His collaboration with Top Gear ended abruptly this year, when Jeremy lost his temper and punched his producer, who gave him the sack without second thoughts.

According to The Telegraph, in 2012 Clarkson received dividend payments worth 4.86 million pounds from a company he had co-founded with his former employer, BBC, to distribute the Top Gear show all over the world.

His personal life was not that bright, on the other hand. In 2014 he divorced 21-year-old wife, Frances Cain, with reports from The Telegraph that the settlement payment to his ex-wife could be roughly half of Jeremy Clarkson’s 30 million pounds.

The Amazon deal holds high promises for Jeremy’s future: The statements from Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos left no doubt about the cost of hiring Jeremy for the new car show on Prime Instant Video, described by Jeff as “very, very, very expensive.” The reported budget of this 36-episode show, amounting to approximately $250 million certifies that this was a major investment on the part of Amazon, with generous returns expected in compensation.

Given the estimate figure of 50 million subscribers, (40 million of which live in America), there is no wonder that Amazon went out of its ways to set up this upcoming show at such an expense. With such an undeniably popular and appealing host, the new car show should significantly impact the Prime subscription adoption internationally, in spite of the relatively high price of the annual Prime subscription $99.

Despite being criticized for his blunt nature, Jeremy Clarkson is nowadays considered one of the most striking TV icons in the world.

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