Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

How He Got Rich As A Stand-Up Comedian: Jerry Seinfeld is an American comedian, actor, writer as well as TV producer who achieved world fame by playing a highly fictionalized and comic version of himself in the popular sitcom Seinfeld. He co-written Seinfeld along with fellow comedian and writer Larry David and their show was to become one of the most popular ones in the world at that time.

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth – $950MILLION

Birth Name – Jerome Allen Seinfeld
Date of birth – April 29, 1954
Zodiac Sign – Taurus
Birth Place – Brooklyn, New York, United States
Nationality – American
Height – 5′ 11″
Profession – Screenwriter, Stand-up comedian, Television producer, Film producer, Voice Actor

During its 10 years of airing, the show attracted more viewers than any other show while also earning Seinfeld a fortunate. The Jerry Seinfeld net worth is estimated to be around 950 million dollars.

Seinfeld was born in a family of Jewish descent in 1954, Brooklyn, New York. That is where he spent most of his childhood. He also went to Israel where he volunteered in Kibbutz Sa’ar. While he studied theater and communication in the New York City University where he also got his bachelor degree, it appears that the stand-up comedian career appealed more to him. He appeared on several stages and minor shows during the 70s only to have his career breakthrough in 1981 when he appeared in Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show.

Seinfeld didn’t just make an impression on the audience only, but it appears that Carson himself was strongly impressed as well. Soon after his appearance in The Tonight Show, Seinfeld started to become quite in demand in the stand-up comedian scene. He appeared in many TV shows as well as acted on states and clubs around the US. Seinfeld also starred several times in the extremely popular shows such as David Letterman’s Late Night show.

During the 80s, Seinfeld’s career really took off when he started appearing in the self-titled sitcom. Seinfeld achieved critical praise and attracted countless viewers. The show originally aired for ten years and it still continues to appear on TV channels around the world and contribute to the increase in his net worth.

Jerry Seinfeld’s love life had its up and downs until the late 90s when he married the beautiful Jessica Sklar. They have raised three children, and when Jerry isn’t making them laugh, he is tending to one of his many cars. Seinfeld is not only a comedian, but a car lover as well. He is one of the most important collectors of cars and has one of the largest collection of Porsche cars, including a 700,000 dollar Porsche 969.

Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is continuing to grow thanks to the re-airing of the popular Seinfeld sitcom, as well as his appearances in many TV shows around the world.

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