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Jerry Springer Net Worth

Born in London, in 1944, to a couple of Jewish immigrants from Germany, Gerald Norman Springer was one of the first post-WWII immigrants to the United States. In 1949 his family settled down in Kew Gardens, New York (Queens borough). The future controversial television host whose net worth was going to reach no less than $75 million aimed at a political career from an early age: in 1956, he was extremely impressed by John F. Kennedy during the Democratic convention he watched on TV with his family.

Jerry Springer Net Worth - $75 Million

Birth Name - Gerald Norman Springer
Date of birth - February 13, 1944
Zodiac Sign - Aquarius
Birth Place - London, England
Nationality - American & British
Height - 6′ 0″
Profession - Journalist, Game Show Host, Television producer, Politician, Film producer, Television presenter, Talk show host, Actor, Newscaster, Singer

Education and Political Career: Gerald (Jerry) Springer obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Tulane University in 1956 and followed it by a Juris Doctor degree from Northwestern University in 1968. His first job was that of campaign adviser for Robert F. Kennedy.

Upon Kennedy’s assassination, Springer got a job as a lawyer at the law firm Frost & Jacobs in Cincinnati. However, he did not abandon his political ambitions and, in 1970, ran for Congress. Being an Army reservist, Springer was called to duty only 3 days after announcing his candidacy and stationed at Fort Knox, but resumed his campaign after being discharged from military duty. He failed to obtain a seat in Congress, but in 1971 was elected in the Cincinnati city council.

Springer served in the council until 1974 – being forced to resign after a sex scandal. However, he won his position back in 1975 and, in 1977, Gerald Norman Springer became the 56th Mayor of Cincinnati. He held the position for one year and, in 1982, he made his last attempt at a political career, but failed to win the Democratic Party nomination for governor of Ohio.

The Jerry Springer Show and Rise to Fame: It was not politics, but show biz that built the Jerry Springer net worth of $75 million. The first televised Jerry Springer show aired on the 30th of September 1991 and was revamped in early 1994 towards a tabloid-like format in which people would expose to the rest of their families various issues, from adultery to prostitution, having a special sexual orientation or even belonging to a hate group.

The show became hugely popular and was even exported to the UK – however having a more toned down, tongue-in-cheek approach. By 1998, The Jerry Springer Show exceeded the ratings of The Oprah Winfrey Show in several cities and had an average of 6.7 million viewers.

Tragedy and Lawsuit: In May 2000, Nancy Campbell-Panitz was a guest on The Jerry Springer Show together with her ex-husband and his new wife. A few hours after the show aired, Ralf Panitz killed his ex-wife. Two years later, the estate of Mrs. Nancy Campbell-Panitz sued Jerry Springer, the TV show, its distributors and its producers claiming that the show had incited the murder of Mrs. Panitz. The lawsuit was later dropped.

Jerry Springer is currently running the Jerry Springer Podcast on his own website, as well as hosting various TV shows for GSN and Investigation Discovery channels.

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