Jim Carrey Net Worth

James Eugene, known to the public as Jim Carrey, is one of the most beloved actors, comedians and producers in USA. The roles he played in the Ace Ventura series or Dumb and the Dumber were the ones that made him famous across the world.

Jim Carrey Net Worth – $150 MILLION

Birth Name – James Eugene Carrey
Date of birth – January 17, 1962
Zodiac Sign – Capricorn
Birth Place – Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Nationality – American | Canadian
Height – 6′ 2″
Profession – Screenwriter, Stand-up comedian, Film producer, Voice Actor, Impressionist

Jim Carrey Net Worth

His first nomination as Best Actor came in 1997, even though he did not win at the time. However, he won that title two times in the Golden Globe Award festival, first in 1998, for The Truman Show, and the latter in 1999 for his play in Man on the Moon. It should come as no surprise that Jim Carrey net worth is estimated currently at $150 million.

Originating from Canada, Jim was the 4th child in his family. His origins were humble: he was the son of a housewife and an accountant (and musician in his spare time, as the actor confessed in his interviews). Unfortunately, at a very young age Jim’s father lost his job. Some very challenging years followed for his family, forced to survive with very limited finances.

For that reason, Jim Carrey dropped school at the age of 15, and took a job as janitor – a job he loathed from the bottom of his heart. The family moved to Toronto, where Jim had to look after his mother, who was ill. This prevented him from finishing his studies.

In the early eighties, Jim went to search for his luck in Toronto, where he started performing in different clubs, until Rodney Dangerfield noticed the very promising young talent. Jim was hired by Rodney to open his Las Vegas performances.

In 1982 Jim Carrey was asked to perform on the TV show An Evening at the Improv. In 1983 he appeared on another TV show, Tonight. In the eighties he also appeared in some low-budget movies, including The Dead Pool, Once Bitten and Peggy Sue Got Married.

In the nineties his net worth started to grow very fast. Few people know that the leading role that made him famous, Ace Ventura, was first turned down by the actor, who agreed to star in the movie only if he was allowed to modify the script. Although movie critics did not think high of the Ace Ventura series, the public seemed to adore it right from the start. Ace Ventura hit the box-office really son, turning Jim Carrey into one of the highest paid comedians in Hollywood (according to Forbes, he is the 59’th highest paid performer of all times).

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