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John McCain Net Worth

John McCain is from the state of Arizona and presently he is a United States Senator. It was in the year of 1958 when he graduated from the U.S.Naval Academy and he was a war veteran, tortured victim, naval captain, and POW. His military career lasted 22 years and it was during this time he served as an officer and a pilot. His aircraft was shot down during the Vietnam War.

John McCain Net Worth - $10.5 Million

Birth Name - John Sidney McCain III
Date of birth - August 29, 1936
Zodiac Sign - Virgo
Birth Place - Coco Solo Naval Air Station, Panama Canal Zone
Nationality - American
Height - 5' 7"
Profession - Screenwriter, Statesman, Politician, Presenter, Author, Military Officer, Pilot, Fighter pilot

This politician has many big titles that has lead him to his fine fortune. It was during 1982 when he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. He is also an author of a book titled Faith of My Fathers. From this inspiring book was made a movie and it won a few Prime-time Emmy Awards and a couple of other awards as well. He is known as a famous politician by the people the United States.

The John McCain Net Worth equals to about 10.5 million dollars of hard earned and well deserved money. Other titles he gained that has lead him to become a millionaire were writer, fighter pilot, author, politician, screenwriter, military officer, presenter, and statesman. He has a few nicknames people know him by and one of these nicknames is The Maverick. Today, he remains one of the richest politicians in America. He has a few physical impairments that were caused from the severe agony he experienced during the the time he served in the war. He made 3.5 million dollars when he sold his fine and elegant home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Some of his assets included in his million of dollars fortune are private jets, vacation homes, retirement accounts, share of joint accounts with Cindy, Navy pensions, personal fortunes, book royalties, Senate salary, two ban accounts with his wife, beer company share, investment in rental property, 2 marriages, 4 single family homes, artwork, a cabin, family property owned by his wife, trust and estate and more.....

If you would like to become a fan of this well known and well respected politician then you may visit a few of his social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, Freebase, and Instagram. You can view up-to-date pics of him and his family on the Instagram website. His real full name is John Sidney McCain III. He was born in 1936. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone. He has been married two times and has three children.

During his childhood his family moved frequently because his father was a Naval officer. John followed his father's footsteps and did the same by becoming a Naval officer too. It was only after he retired from the U.S. Navy that he became interested and started a career in politics. In his career in United States politics, he has truly been successful and has gained many fans, and friends from all across the nation. In the 2008 Presidential Election, people recognized him as one of the best presidential nominees. He has since remained a Senator since 1987.

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