Mike Tyson Net Worth

Anyone interested in boxing has surely heard of Mike Tyson by now. At the peak of his career, he was known all over the world and was even considered the best boxer. Of course, this had major financial implications and got many wondering what his total net worth could be.

Mike Tyson Net Worth – $1 MILLION

Birth Name – Michael Gerard Tyson [AKA: The Baddest Man on the Planet, Kid Dynamite, Iron Mike]
Date of birth – June 30, 1966
Zodiac Sign – Cancer
Birth Place – Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.
Nationality – American
Height – 5′ 10″
Profession – Film producer, Professional Boxer, Actor

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Well, it is difficult to give a straightforward answer. In the beginning, Mike Tyson’s total net worth reached as much as $300 million. This was definitely a lot, especially for a professional athlete, but a fair reflection of his hard work and success.

Unfortunately, if you keep taking from a pile without adding, it will eventually shrink, and that is what happened to the boxer’s fortune. Today, total Mike Tyson net worth estimations are somewhere at around $1 million, negatively influenced by the legal controversies surrounding him and the numerous bad financial decisions he made.

Still, his accomplishments cannot be overlooked. He had wonderful achievements, and his life was certainly not easy. Tyson grew up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York, which is evidenced by the fact that, at the age of 13, he had already been arrested around 40 times, mostly for violent offenses. He avoided going down a dark path because he was forced to study at the Tryon School for Boys. There, his potential for a boxing career surfaced.

His first boxing coach was Bobby Stewart, who later on introduced Tyson to his second, future boxing coach, Cus D’Amato. D’Amato liked Tyson so much that he decided to do more than  just train him, and he became his legal guardian. This proved to be a lifesaving move for the boy, with his mother dying when he was only 16.

With D’Amato’s guidance, Tyson began ascending in his boxing career. He obtained his first victory in 1982 and officially became a professional boxer in 1985. Throughout his career, he became renowned for his huge stamina, his physical resistance and his 1-punch knock-outs.

However, when D’Amato passed away, Tyson did not take the loss too well, and this influenced his fighting style. Over time, it all culminated with the previously mentioned legal and financial issues.

For some, it is a surprise to have a boxing star of the fame of Mike Tyson associated with just $1 million net worth, but the amount is still impressive and, who knows, may grow in time, if its owner makes the right investment choices.

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