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  • Bruce Springsteen Net Worth

    With more than 64 million albums sold in the United States alone and 120 million albums sold worldwide, Bruce Springsteen is perhaps one of the best-selling musicians of our time. Even though the Bruce Springsteen net worth is said to be around 300 million dollars, he is known to have contributed to many charitable and

  • Ashanti Net Worth

    Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, known to her fans as Ashanti is one of today’s most talented and most successful young R & B, hip-hop and soul artists. She is not only a singer – Ashanti has proved her talents as a song writer, actress, dancer and record producer as well, so it is surprise that, when

  • Peyton Manning Net Worth

    When football fans are asked about the most famous players in the last two decades, the name of Peyton Manning is among the first they mention. Indeed, the quarterback seems to have a magic touch, as he decisively contributed to the success of almost all teams he played for. Peyton Manning Net Worth - $185

  • Matt Damon Net Worth

    It is hard to make a list of Matt Damon’s cinematographic successes and achievements in the film industry. If we were to name the first movie that brought Damon his reputation as a great actor, it would probably be “Good Will Hunting” (1997), directed by Gus van Sant, where he starred next to the extraordinary

  • Kendra Wilkinson Net Worth

    Kendra Wilkinson was born on June 12, 1985. She is well-known as a glamour model, for her Playboy pictorials (especially for the project “The Girls Next Door”) and for being Hugh Hefner’s one of three girlfriends (together with Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt). Kendra Wilkinson Net Worth - $6 Million Birth Name - Kendra Leigh

  • Jerry Springer Net Worth

    Born in London, in 1944, to a couple of Jewish immigrants from Germany, Gerald Norman Springer was one of the first post-WWII immigrants to the United States. In 1949 his family settled down in Kew Gardens, New York (Queens borough). The future controversial television host whose net worth was going to reach no less than

  • Glenn Beck Net Worth

    Glenn Beck is an American TV and radio host and political commentator, who owes his popularity and claim to fame both to the controversy he raises in his shows and to his skills as a speaker and showmanship. Glenn Beck Net Worth - $250 Million Birth Name - Glenn Lee Beck Date of birth -

  • Cher Net Worth

    Cher is an American singer and actress, with a career spanning over 5 decades. She is notable for her authoritative demeanor, her contralto voice as well as for wearing extravagant outfits during all stages of her career. She has sold over 200 million albums worldwide and the Cher net worth is around 320 million dollars.

  • Brody Jenner Net Worth

    Brody Jenner is a popular American reality show actor and a model. He is best known for his role in the reality show The Princes of Malibu and from his modeling job for popular brands such as Agent Provocateur and Guess. The Brody Jenner net worth is estimated at around 10 million dollars. Brody Jenner

  • Anthony Bourdain Net Worth

    American chef and public personality Anthony Bourdain – net worth estimates around $16 million – has become known for his extraordinary, multi-cultural and cross-cultural approach towards cuisine as well as for his dry sense of humor – when it comes to cooking, Bourdain is not only an unquestionably masterful chef who knows every trick of